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Guide to Downsizing For Seniors in the GTA (Tips & Tricks)

You’ve probably been thinking about this for months or even years ...and now you finally made the decision to downsize! As a senior, trying to downsize or if you're a child helping a parent downsize, it can be an overwhelming task. Most people are downsizing in the GTA from long-lived homes. These homes where they have beautiful years of memories. These things and objects carry so much sentimental value and can be hard to part with. 

There can be several reasons you have decided to downsize, the main ones include:

  • Cost savings: you are retired and want to relax and cut the cost of living.

  • Need of a more manageable space: maintenance of a large house can be tiring and often really hard for a senior. Smaller spaces such as condos are easier to maintain.

  • Health Reason: health reasons are usually a factor to move into assisted living or senior homes.

Below is a steps and tips to help you during your downsize:

  • Space Planning: figure out the square footage and layout of the new place you are moving into. That way, you know how much of your old furniture to take with you.

  • Sort out belonging: Organize and go through all your belongings starting from each room. Make 4 separate piles: throw-out, donate, sell & keep.

  • Know When To Use a Pro: Most people may not know this, there are actually expert downsizing companies out there that do this for a living. They take care of the job start to finish. From helping you sort out your items to organizing online auctions to sell the things you don’t want. They are experienced, compassionate and non-judgmental. Here are some trusted downsizing companies in the GTA that we have personally worked with: Transition SquadHouse Life, Sell My Treasures

Speedline Transportation is here to help! We know how hard this decision can be and we want to make your transition as smooth and easy as possible. As professional movers in Vaughan, we have done several downsizing moves in the GTA and work with many GTA downsizing companies. Contact us at for more info.

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