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Tips On Moving During Covid-19 Pandemic:

Updated: Jun 11

Tips on moving in the GTA during a Pandemic.

Virtual Estimates & Billing:

When looking to hire movers, chances are that you will talk to several different moving companies. Ask to get virtual in-home estimates so you limit the number of people you come in contact with. You can suggest to use facetime, Zoom, Skype or simply just send pictures of what you need moved. 

Ask Questions:

Be sure to ask questions on what policies the company has implemented during this pandemic. It's important that the moving company has taken into consideration what is going on and is up to date with all city recommendations.

Social Distancing:

Make sure you keep a 6’ distance from anyone entering your space. If you don't want to be present during the move, you can label everything beforehand and make a list for the movers.

Cleaning & Sanitization:

Clean and disinfect all items before the movers arrive and repeat after they have left.

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